STX Surgeon 1K (Prp)

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Surgeon 1K™


Head Color:  Custom dyed in our radiation could theme with variations of white and purple

Mesh:  Black/Purple/White

Strings:  White

Shooters:  White

Pocket:  Mid

Position:  Attack/Middie

The time has finally come for the offensive end of the field to experience the precision, power, and pace of the 1K Collection. Designed for the elite attacker, the Surgeon 1K™ lacrosse head is STX's lightest and most durable offensive head. Built on thousands of shots, goals & wins, this head has what top attackmen need to score on every possession.  

Tested and trialed by Tewaarton winner and World Games Team USA gold medalist Brennan O’Neill, the Surgeon 1K provides attackers with:

•    Ultra-Lightweight Construction – the hallmark innovation in the 1K line provides players with a head that’s lighter than nearly any other on the market without any severe tradeoffs in terms of durability
•    Surgical Precision & Ridiculous Power – Surgeon 1K features an updated face shape that creates an improved channel to aid shot accuracy, and features maximum offset to propel every shot forward with speed 
•    Enduring Durability & Stiffness – our proprietary plastic compound, EnduraForm™, provides lasting toughness and rigidity, holding up to swift checks and head-to-head impact as players wind up and follow through with their shots
•    Quicker Ground Balls - Speed Scoop™ technology protects the top strings and reduces drag for easier ground balls, providing attackers with quickness needed to scoop up rebounds and fire a second shot off quickly