Butt End Caps

  • Manufacturer Part Number: LZDBE01
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LZDBS01
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  • These butt end caps are top notch and will add the wow factor to your look.
  • Made of strong, semi flexible TPU.  These are tough and made to last a long time.
  • Your stick should not blow through these end caps the same as any competitors.
  • Extremely tight fit for most men's lacrosse sticks (not sized for some women's or smaller youth sticks).  The majority of men's sticks won't require tape to keep it secure during play. We do leave about a half inch at the bottom for those who love taping their stick.
  • Many colors to choose from.    

Manufacturer Part Number:  LZDBE01

NOTE:  Make sure the zombie is facing the way that you want it before fully pushing this product on.  Once these are on your shaft, they are very hard to get back off.