True RADAR Goalie

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Head Color:  Custom dyed in a neon pink

Mesh:  Black

Strings:  Carolina Blue

Shooters:  Carolina Blue/Black mixed

Pocket:  N/A

Position:  Goalie

RADAR goalie head from True Temper. This head was designed to stop anything that the offense can throw at it. The super-stiff thick wall sidewall design keeps the head in position and prevents bending on hard shots. The scoop has a slight back bend that allows the ball to smoothly transition out of the pocket on outlet passes for a consistent release every time. The strategically placed sidewall holes allow for maximum stringing options so you can tailor your pocket to fit your game. Legal for play in both men's and women's lacrosse. The RADAR goalie head is ready to ruin some people's day.

MAX STIFFNESS = MAX CONSISTENCY AND POWER: Featuring a thick sidewall design with larger rail support for maximum stiffness along the length of the head that resists bending on shot impacts to the head.

PERFORMANCE BACK-BEND SCOOP: The all-new Back-Bend Scoop prevents too much whip on outlet passes and helps the ball smoothly and consistently transition out of the pocket.

THE PERFECT CHANNEL: The strategically placed sidewall holes allow you to string a super deep pocket and a perfect center channel.

ELITE LEVEL GOALIES: This elite level head was designed to perform at the highest levels of the game and is legal for play in both men's and women's lacrosse.

Unstrung Weight: 12oz.