Powell Delmont Shaft

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Delmont means “of the mountain” and like a mountain, the DELMONT is a shaft that will deliver resolute strength to perform in any conditions. The Delmont is a step up from our Switchback Shaft and its 7V3 alloy construction makes it stronger while staying incredibly light. We gave it a traditional octagonal shape, but the Delmont features more concave sides that provide extra grip to create the ultimate connection between player and stick. The Delmont is our best value shaft for strength, weight, and durability.



A high-performance proprietary alloy that provides increased strength and durability.

WEIGHT: ~160g

The 7V3 Alloy and more concave shape keep the Delmont lightweight.


Tensile Strength of a material is the maximum amount of stress (measured in kilo-pounds per square inch or ksi) that it can take before breaking.