Epoch Dragonfly Elite II Defense

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Color:  Naked Carbon

Option:  Cxl IQ2

The Dragonfly Elite II redefines performance through industry leading technology and innovation. This one-of-a-kind shaft is made in America with cutting edge materials and showcased in the Premier Lacrosse league by Epoch Athletes Jarrod Neumann, Matt McMahon, John Sexton and Troy Reh. The Elite II introduces Epoch’s NEW Reactive Technology™ with a handcrafted Progressive Weave that you can see and feel within the shaft. The Reactive Technology increases energy transfer while adding power and quick reactivity to your passes and shots. The patent-pending Progressive Weave changes in size from wider, lower reactive construction at the bottom of the shaft, to a tighter, more reactive construction at the top towards the head to optimize player performance. New for 2022, the Dragonfly Elite II features Epoch’s New Dual Micro Grip for a smooth matte feel while while defending, passing, and shooting. Grab our lightest Elite shaft ever made and experience innovation yourself.