Warrior EVO QX-O (Prp)

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Head Color:  Custom dyed in a radiation cloud color scheme of white/purple/greys.  This technique is exclusive to LZD.

Mesh Color:  Purple/Black/White

String Color:  Gold/Purple

Shooters:  White

Pocket:  Mid

Postition:  Attack or Middie

New for 2021, the Warrior QX Offense is 20 grams lighter than its predecessor, and built for the elusive ball carrier who uses ball control and quick releases.

Using new Therma-Loc resin, the QX offers increased performance in high heat and maintains both head shape and stiffness. The improved scoop is perfect for ground ball control making every player a Human Vacuum. With a bottom rail design built for Mid to Low pockets, this head will create superior ball control and quick releases. The Sym-Rail eliminates excess weight while still improving stiffness.

The optional LOC-THROAT features gives the player full control of their head. Insert the LOC-THROAT for better head to shaft attachment or leave it out for a lighter feel.