STX Stallion 1K (YP)

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Stallion 1K™ Head


Head Color:  Yellow

Mesh:  Yellow/Purple

Strings:  Purple

Shooters:  Purple

Pocket:  Mid 

Position:  Middie

The Stallion 1K™ lacrosse head is the top of our elite midfielder lineup.  From the foundation established with the original Stallion head by the GOAT Kyle Harrison this Stallion is built on thousands of reps, passes, shots and wins all leading to our most elite and innovative offensive head yet.

Used by PLL rookie Nakeie Montgomery and many other pro & college athletes.  

Level up your game with the newest elite Stallion head.

Key Features

  • Designed for the elite, all-around player
  • EnduraForm™ - a proprietary material for improved toughness
  • Speed Scoop™ for easier groundballs, regardless of angle of attack
  • Deepest legal offset increase ball feel and retention