STX Hyper Power (CB)

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 STX Hyper Power Lacrosse Head


Head Color:  Custom dyed in our radiation cloud theme with various blues, greys and whites

Mesh:  White/Carolina Blue

Strings:  Carolina Blue

Shooters:  Carolina Blue

Pocket:  Mid

Position:  Attack/Middie

NOTE:  The pictures on this head are darkened a little to show the marble affect the best way possible

The STX Hyper Power™ men's lacrosse head brings a whole new meaning to the word accurate.  Made to elevate the game of any elite shooter, this head is insanely accurate and will keep goalies guessing about which corner you are going to hit. 

Used by Will Manny and Marcus Holman of the PLL Archers to devastating effect this season.  Marcus also used the Hyper Power™ to win the accuracy contest at the 2021 PLL All Star Game.

The HyperPower™ head is built to enhance your accuracy and power using STX's Power Ramp™ technology which means the bottom rail rises to the scoop at larger and more drastic angle, creating a natural “whip” in the head. 

The natural “whip” takes away the variables of the mesh material and stringing and allows the ball to stay in the pocket for a longer period during the shooting motion.  This creates a different angle of release than traditional heads which can fool goalies.   It also allows you to shoot faster becuase the ball stays in the pocket longer. 

All of this tech will help you shoot more accurately with your Hyper Power™ head than ever before.