STX Exult 600 10'

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STX Exult 600 10 Degree Women's Lacrosse Head



Head Color:  Grey

Stringing:  Traditional

Top and Sidewall Strings:  Pink

Outer Lace:  Pink/Neon Green

Inner Lace:  Yellow

Shooters:  White


Play With Versatility

  • Lightweight strength for the versatile, elite midfielder.
  • New face shape with high pinch increases ball control.
  • C-Channel technology reinforces sidewalls for stability.
  • STX Speed Scoop enhances ground ball play while providing top string protection.
  • STX 10 degree technology naturally drives the ball to the sweet spot.
  • Meets USL specifications.

*Please note that this head can only be used with 10 degree shafts.