Powell Alula Women's Head (Sun)

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Powell Alula Women's Lacrosse Head 


Head Color:  Custom dyed in a sunset theme fading from 

Mesh:  Red/Orange/Yellow 

Top and Sidewall Strings: Orange

Outer Lace:  N/A

Inner Lace Runner:  N/A

Shooters: Mixed Orange and Yellow

Position:  Middie, Attack or Defense


Meet the Pioneer's sister. The Alula is a renegade - a real wild child. The all new Women's head was engineered not for one specific task or one specific style. The Alula was made to be all-purpose, all-around and everything in between. 

With her sharp sidewall strut design and aggressive scoop angle she is a real swiss army knife. Lightweight and lightning fast. Bottom rail features two symmetrical proud points positioned to increase control during draws. A huge number of stringing holes allow for ultimate control when it comes to pocket placement and intricate alteration. 

The reviews so far have been great with both the traditional and mesh style of stringing and players have loved this head at all positions so far.