Maverik Kinetik 2.0 (Wh)

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Head color:  Whitw

Mesh: ECD Hero 3.0, Striker Green

Strings:  Emerald Green

Shooters:  Emerald Green

Pocket:  Mid

Position:  Attack

If control, accuracy and velocity are important to you, fire at will with the Kinetik 2.0.

One of the most trusted heads by players gets a major update with a tighter face shape for improved ball control and superior stringability.  An evolved scoop enhances the angle of attack on GBs while redistributed mass results in a lighter construction and stiffer performance. Designed for the outside shooter and those who demand the responsiveness of an mid-high pocket, the KINETIK 2.0 continues to load up the stat sheet with high-velocity goals at every level of the game.