ECD Rebel Offense

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Custom dyed ECD Rebel Offense in a faded baby blue to navy blue theme.  The colors on this dye are amazing.  Strung to the inside with a mid pocket.

East Coast Dyes take their vast knowledge of mesh and stringing tactics and adapts it into a head with the ECD Lacrosse Rebel Offense Head, designed to dominate on both sides of the field.

The Rebel Offense's optimized face shape features a slightly pinched scoop and an aggressive flare, making it deadly accurate. The pinched scoop allows for a consistent channel and added velocity on shots, helping you scorch one past a goalkeeper and deliver pinpoint passes with ease, all without sacrificing ball control.

Don't let the name fool you, the Rebel Offense holds its own on the defensive side of the ball as well. Engineered to be a workhorse, the Rebel is strong enough to throw checks and vacuum groundballs thanks to a rounded scoop that acts as a guide for the ball into the head, creating quicker release times and better feel of the ball.