ECD Mirage 2.0 (Sunset)

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Head Color:  Custom dyed sunset dye by Lax Zombie Dyes.  Going from top yellow to red on the bottom.

Mesh:  Black

Strings:  Black/Orange

Pocket:  Mid

Position:  Attack, Middie


After years of rumors, whispers and a whole lot of anticipation, we've finally been given the green light to say it: The Mirage is back. The all-new Mirage 2.0 is not your average head. It’s a shooter’s dream designed to give you total control and power. The Mirage 2.0 is set to define the next generation of performance.

The Mirage 2.0 features an aggressive offset, tight face shape, stiff construction, and perfect scoop (yeah, we heard you). Each detail helps create the shooter’s dream. A stick that basically slaps corners for you. Perfect for sneaky snipes and step-down cranks.

The ELITE Pocket was designed, strung, and certified by our ELITE stringers to give you a consistent and accurate release with no break-in time.